Rights Management
ZMI works as a boutique manager for a small roster of extremely talented artists in music, film, visual arts and . We invest in long-term relationships and look to partner with passionate artists who have built grassroot followings. 
Making Music Work
ZMI works with artists as a manager for service, fee free, establishing touring schedules, promoting recorded material for streaming and commercial opportunity's that fit within the artists career, and providing complex services in-house for sponsorship, music synch, international markets and artistic collaborations. 

Music Promotion + Press
We believe that fine arts has finally merged with popular culture resulting in a cornucopia of opportunity. Label editorial work includes in-house produced and authored content for our artists as well as standard press services for our managed projects, copyrights and artists like phot shoots, music videos and sponsorship opportunities. 
Rights Licensing + Development
ZMI works with rights holders and creator to create new multimedia products for release and reissue in global territories 
Collective Rights Management
Collective rights management is the licensing of copyright and related rights by organisations acting on behalf of rights owners. The collective management of copyright and related rights is undertaken by various types of collective management organisations, most commonly collecting societies. Collecting societies act on behalf of their members, which may be authors or performers, and issue copyright licenses to users authorising the use of the works of their members. Collecting societies negotiate the royalty rates and other license terms on behalf of their members and collect royalty payment on behalf of their members. Royalties are distributed by the collecting society to relevant members, who as individual right owners are not directly involved in the negotiation of the license. 

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