Part of ZMI's DNA can be summed up by reading the following by Mr. Frank Zappa:

“Remember the 60s? That era that a lot of people have these glorious memories of?…They really weren’t that great, those years...One thing that did happen in the 60s was some music of an unusual and experimental nature did get recorded, did get released. The executives of the day were cigar-chomping old guys who looked at the product and said, 'I don’t know. Who knows what it is? Record it, stick it out. If it sells, alright!'" (Frank Zappa 1987).

ZMI Rights Management is not a bunch of cigar chomping old guys but we are a copyright management company that creates and produces new music, new audio / visual content material and artistic works for commercial release. As an artist centric group we work with artists to create unique legacies for their chosen craft, along the way developing last relationships and taking risks by investing in new productions, new material and new art. ZMI is incorporated in England, based in London, England and Atlanta, Georgia and administered globally. 

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